Full Name: James Branton

Current Residence: Sawyer, OK

Occupation: Machinist

Inspiration in Life: Playing guitar and writitng poetry

Hobbies: writing

Pet Peeves: All the gayness

Why do you want to be on Tribal Survivor: Sounds like fun.  Alaska is also the place I always imagined to live either Alaska experience the northern lights or even Washington

Why do you think you’ll “Survive” Tribal Survivor: I think it is survival to the fittest, I have the basic natural instinct is to survive this world.


Game Profile

Tribe: Koyuk Shaktoolik

Voting History: (2) Cheryl

Votes Against: (2) Shane, Shannon, Branden, Kyle, Craig, Cheryl

Challenges Won: (1) Quest for Fire (Tribe Immunity)

Alliance(s): Real life connection with Branden

Enemies: Gabe, Shane

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