Full Name: Gabe Cohn

Current Residence: Minnesota

Occupation: Student/Actor

Personal Claim to Fame: Auditioning for the Voice once and American Idol twice

Inspiration in Life: My vocal instructor. He pushes me to work hard all the time and has made me a much more confident person in not only singing but in life. he is such a nice guy and is so supportive

Hobbies: Singing, play guitar, working on shows, hanging out with friends.

Pet Peeves: a major asshole. I don’t see why you need to bring people down all the time.

3 Words to Describe You: fun, charismatic, enthusiastic

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” TRIBAL SURVIVOR: Like I said I have the motivation to work hard and try my hardest at everything I do. I think people will like me and I will seem approachable.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Not only am I an easy to get along with person, but again I try hard in everything, I am a strong game player and I don’t shy away from anything.

Game Profile

Tribe: Koyuk Qiqumaruq

Voting History: (3) Shane; (4) KJ, (7a) Drake, (7b) Cheryl, (8a) Kyle (8b) Kyle

Votes Against: (8a) Shannon, Kyle, Craig, Drake (8b) Shannon, Kyle, Craig, Drake, Darren

Challenges Won: (1) Quest for Fire (Tribe Immunity); (2) Inupiaq Art (Tribe Immunity); (3) Catch Phrase (Tribe Immunity); (5) Alaska Trivia (Tribe Immunity); (6) Effort Points Challenge (Tribe Immunity)

Alliance(s): Chris and Emily (The Forsaken); Chris and Hooker (Cerberus); Possible alliance with Darren; Possible alliance with Craig, Possible alliance with Shane?

Enemies: James and Drake


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