Full Name: Chris Barkley

Current Residence: New York, USA

Occupation: Nursing Student

Personal Claim to Fame: I am unsure of what this means, I am guessing in games? I have played a ton recently, and a ton overall over the years. I was in Survivor Chronicles, Offensive, Isurvivor, Survivor States, CYS, and I think that is it for big named games. But I am in a lot of randoms as well that aren’t series-based.

Inspiration in Life: My inspiration in life would be my parents! They are so well off and did so well for themselves, and I am so jelly! I just hope that I can have my life as together as they have.

Hobbies: Swimming, Survivor, online games!!

Pet Peeves: I hate people who talk more then me. I cannot put up with someone spamming me the way that I would spam them. Unless they are funny as hell. LOL

Three Words to Describe You: Annoying, Blunt, Talkative

Why do you think you’ll “Survive” Tribal Survivor: I will survive tribal survivor because I will be social as fuck! And I will never give up regardless of what is thrown my way! I will try to be as active as possible as well, and make as many friends as I can. The more people that like me, I think the harder it will be for them to vote me out!

Why do you think you’ll be the Sole Survivor: I will be the sole survivor because I think I can make people socially love me, and want me around. I am also not afraid to make big moves when I will need too, and blindside people in order to give myself a better shot at getting to the end game and having that chance to win. I think every sole survivor has to make some big moves in order to win.

Game Profile

Tribe: Koyuk Qiqumaruq

Voting History: (3) Shane; (4) KJ, (7a) Drake (7b) Cheryl, (8a) Kyle, (8b) Kyle, (9) Kyle, (10) Craig, (11) Shannon x 2 (12) Darren

Votes Against:

Challenges Won: (1) Tribal Chief Challenge (Individual Reward), (1) Quest for Fire (Tribe Immunity); (2) Inupiaq Art (Tribe Immunity); (3) Catch Phrase (Tribe Immunity); (5) Alaska Trivia (Tribe Immunity); (6) Effort Points Challenge (Tribe Immunity)

Alliance(s): Gabe and Emily (Forsaken Alliance); Hooker (1-1 partnership)Craig (Possible alliance in the future?)Hooker and Gabe (New Alliance with Darren as well?); Partnership with Emily; Dynamic Duo Alliance with Emily, Old-Koyuk Alliance; Possible final 4 alliance with Emily, Shannon, and Drake

Enemies: Darren?


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