The season finale is here

12 previous episodes and it all comes down to this!!  It started out as 16 people and now it’s down to 4.  This season has brought it all; some of the craziest drama ever, an evacuation, an almost quit from two people, two power shifts, and big moves with auction items.

Who out of Chris, Drake, Emily, and Hooker will be crowned the winner?!  FIND OUT RIGHT NOW

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America’s Tribal Council

The time has come for America’s Tribal Council!

This coming week the finale episode will be aired and our first ever winner will officially be crowned.  This is your chance to go and vote for which player you think played the best overall game.  Head on over to the polls & games section for that person!  The winner of America’s Tribal Council will be announced during the reunion portion of the show!


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Second to the last episode!

Find out tonight who is the Final 4!!!  And Emily lays down all of her cards at tribal council!


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Season one is almost coming to a close!!

With only one more episode until the finale, it could be anyone voted out.

*- Emily: “Honestly I don’t trust anyone at this point I hope Barkley is being true but I have no clue.  How would Darren know about Barkley and my chat the dynamic duo? 

*- Hooker: “Everyone is in danger right now. I guess Drake is the most likely. But Darren wants Emily out Drake probably wants me out now… so really it could be anyone who’s not immune”

*- Chris: “I would rather take Darren out first, but then we risk Drake winning immunity and the awkward final 4 with Drake targeting me most likely.

And after Shannon get’s voted out; Drake, who had been pretty much under the radar most of the game, sets his sights on Chris.

Drake K. Burr

You wasted your power

And Darren will win these game not a smart move

Shannon really liked you

Ha good job

Darren is a liar and you fell for it man

Drake K. Burr

Your his puppet

And you wasted your power

Chris Barkley

You can stop with the dramatics, unless you want to get cussed out.

You haven’t talked to me until this round.

And once again drama happens at tribal council, and of course, Darren is somehow the center of it.

Emily Stauffer

I was going to say something mean but nah. U know what I’m talking about.

Darren Cornell

She’s been after me on and off the whole game

Emily Stauffer

Good but don’t have to be an inconsiderate and, excuse me Jeff, butt  towards me

It’s another explosive Tribal Survivor episode, with only one more left.  Who will be voted out and who will make it to the Final Four?  Find out Thursday!

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A new Ponderosa Special!

The second ponderosa special is here!!! More drama happens and for the first time ever, the host is involved….you’re gonna want to see this

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Episode #11 is here!

Darren & Shannon have been after each other since the merge.  Tonight, for one of these castaways, their wish just might come true!

Our 11th episode airs right now!  Only one more episode after this one before the season finale!

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On the next Tribal Survivor…

One of the biggest rivalries in Survivor ORGs comes to a head this next Episode!!!

At long last it comes down to

darren m & Shannon m


Chris Barkley

I agree.

I would love to see Darren go

To be honest


*- Darren: “Shannon’s time to go is coming this round.  I’ve waited all merge for this and it’s finally going to happen.”


*- Hooker: “I don’t trust anyone.  They all liars and cheats. Hence my decision to be a villain now. I will just cut whoever needs cutting…. Right now shannon next seems good… then well I think I can just take them out as it comes and stay…


Darren wants me to use my blocker on Shannon tis round… hmmm – I wanna use it on HIM in a few rounds …. how to “forget to play the item” mwahahahahaha”


And Darren may have dug his own grave

Darren Cornell

You’re still out to get me lol

We’re voting Shannon. Are you in or out?

Darren Cornell

this is a test. And I shouldn’t even be telling you that. But if you pass the test, we’re planning to keep you. If not, then congrats on final 5.

Emily Stauffer

Lmfao threatening me?

But its cool


Chris Barkley

Darren has be scared, he has since the start of the merge

F*** Darren. He legit makes me have a headache

But Shannon starts up the group drama again and everyone seems to be sick of it

She calls everyone from the tribe over by the fire and it’s clear that it’s going to be another Shannon and Darren show down.  Hooker looks over from the hammock and shakes his head.

Motherhen Shannon Motherhen

No you dont no shit. Jury house is hiring!

Darren Cornell Wrong

use of the word again lol

Motherhen Shannon Motherhen

Means the Same

Darren Cornell

No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

For one of these two power players their game could possibly come to an end.  Find out Thursday on who it could be not to mention one of the biggest jaw dropping tribal councils ever seen!





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Latest Poll Results Episodes 9 & 10

Finally after two episodes we’ve received enough votes to have decent results:


Who is playing the best game?

Emily Stauffer

Who is your favorite castaway?

Chris Barkley

Which player has the most power right now?

Chris Barkley, Darren Cornell, Emily Stauffer, and Shannon Motherhen

If they make it to F2, who left in this game would beat everyone in a jury vote?

Chris Barkley

Who is your least favorite castaway?

Darren Cornell

Should Darren have voted out Gabe?

No – Kyle won’t flip on Shannon and gives her more power

Which is your favorite Tribal Survivor Episode?

Episode #8: Bloodlust


Check out the new polls at our Polls and Games Section!

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10th episode posted!!

It has been a wild ride so far this season and we’re getting close to the end!  The new episode is up and more drama follows.  It has been back and forth back and forth.  Will someone flip again or has Old-Koyuk finally taken complete control?



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Two blindsides in a row….who’s next?

After two crazy tribal councils and Shannon instigating Darren, Darren goes on the offensive…but annoys everyone else in the process

Darren Cornell

Shannon, if you don’t trust me, how were you trusting me to vote for Hooker and not eliminate Kyle? Unless you really did want him out of this game?

Motherhen Shannon Motherhen

Darren your dumb i already know you all voted Kyle

Just wait until u cant hide behind your saftey

Darren Cornell

Then you wanted him gone.  Or you would have saved him with your vote blocker.

*- Chris: “Darren makes everything more difficult then it has to be.  I legit f***ing hate players like him.”

Darren of course is the usual target….however someone else may come into the spotlight 

*- Hooker: “But I suspect Craig’s going to get himself inactive booted before the end…

Emily Stauffer

Haha he needs to play…. or maybr not hahaha.

Chris Barkley

lol, If he is going to keep self voting. We may be want to vote him


just in case the vote reducer gets used

And castaways have a hard time understanding the immunity challenge and the it gets reset thus putting Darren in a tough situation..

*- Darren: “The question being whether or not I’ll have time in the NEXT 24 hour block with work and such. I guess we’ll see what happens.  Im gonna feel really cheated if I lose this time around. I’ve been stuck working all day and haven’t had much time to put into this this time around.”

Don’t miss another episode of Tribal Survivor is has been unpredictable all merge!  What will happen this time around?!  FIND OUT THURSDAY!

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